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Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Camera

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When: Wednesday - Feb 22, 2016 (6:30pm-9:30pm)
Where: Southwood Community Center
1520 Rock Prairie Road, College Station

This class is for anyone, no matter what level you are with your camera or what kind of camera you have.(Even if you only have a simple point and shoot camera)

• If you want to know how to get the best shot possible despite the light.
• Do you want to get the most out of your flash?
• Would you like to know the best settings to capture great action shots?
• How would you like to learn to nail the focus on your shots?
• Learn how to get the right exposure and easily lighten or darken your photos if the first attempt is off a little.
• Would you like to know and understand the terminology of photography?
• You will learn to isolate your subject from the background.
• We will show you which lens to use for which situation and which lenses you should buy.
• See the method to get the proper color in your photos.

At the end of the workshop you will know how to consistently make better photographs and learn to “Get it Right in the Camera” so you don’t have to use Photoshop or fix it later.

Today's Special $39
(Regular Price $129)
Price includes 3 hour seminar, a 27 page downloadable Seminar Workbook, the Pro Exposure Calculator and a “Get ready for Class” Free Movie. Make sure you Download the workbook and watch the movie at least one day before the seminar.

Plus you will receive one - $20 off coupons for any of our hands on classes!
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Additional Hands-On classes we offer
We offer additional class on a variety of subjects. We offer Hands-on classes in our modern classroom and at a variety of locations. These are small classes, in an intimate setting, top notch instructors and a caring staff make your photographic education personal and professional.
You have the passion, now get the experience needed to succeed in photography.
Classes on:
    • Studio techniques
    • Posing and Lighting
• Travel and Nature photography
    • PhotoShop for photographers
    • Natural light photography
• Pet and People photography
    • Running a successful photographic studio
    • Creative Inspiration
    • And More

Texas Photographic Workshops is for you.  Join veteran photographer and teacher Doug Box for a learning experience of a lifetime.

You will learn:
1. To make beautiful photographs
2. Impress your family and friends
3. Learn to make extra money
4. Express your creative self
5. And have fun!

Part Photography School
Part Summer Camp!

See our modern, 3,000 square foot teaching facility, nestled on the 110 acre 3-B Photography Ranch in Central Texas!

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