Texas Photographic Workshops

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Getting the Most From Your Digital Camera
It is Like Having A Pro by Your Side
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Get to the Fun Stuff Faster!
Don’t be a button pusher! — Tell the camera what you want to shoot not the other way around —Learn about your camera, camera care, —Raw vs .Jpg, How to Read a —Histogram —White Balance, —Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, & Manual modes. —
Join us for a free overview of some of the features of your DSLR. This will be a hands on session. Bring your camera and your owners manual. Let's spend an afternoon seeing how and why you use the different settings.
Experienced shooters are welcome to come provide one-on-one assistance during the session.
We guarantee that you will understand your camera better and will begin to understand how to get some of the images you have been trying to shoot.
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