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Getting the Most from your Digital Camera
Wednesday Feb 22
6:30 - 9:30 PM Only $39

Getting the Most From Your Digital Camera
Photo Class, 27 Page Workbook, Pro Exposure Calculator and On-Line Movie

We will be at the Southwood Community Center
1520 Rock Prairie Road, College Station, TX


After you register you will be given instructions on how to
download the workbook and watch the movie.

You will have a better experience in class if you do this at least one day before the seminar.

After you Register
download the workbook and watch the movie!

See what other students have said about the class and your instructor!

This class is for anyone, no matter what level you are with your camera or what kind of camera you have! (even if you only have a simple point and shoot camera)

Regular Price $129 - Today's Special $29

You will be given instructions on how to download a 27 page Seminar Workbook and Watch the Free Movie. Make sure you Download the workbook and watch the movie at least one day before the seminar.

Today’s digital camera is very sophisticated and can do almost anything. But along with this advanced technology comes confusion! If you learn the basics of how your camera works along with some secrets that the pros know, your experience with photography can be for fun and rewarding.


This seminar is for beginning to intermediate photo enthusiast. Learn how to use your camera to meet your personal needs. The instructors at Texas Photographic Workshops have created a fun and easy system for learning how to meter light. You will learn “What All The Buttons Do” and how to become comfortable with your camera.

In addition to the seminar, you will receive a BONUS movie and workbook so you can start learning even before the seminar starts. We want you to learn how your camera works, and where all the buttons are!

This will be an interactive class, you will have time to ask questions so you can get your specific questions answered.


We will help you:

  • Unlock the mysteries of shutter speed, f stop and ISO
  • How to control exposure
  • When and how to use your flash
  • When to use AV, TV, Program or Manual
  • How to take better indoor Photographs
  • How to make great sports and action photos
  • How to control sharpness in your images
  • Analyze the direction, intensity and color of light
  • Which Lens for the proper perspective
  • Food Photography
  • What to do with your images after you capture them
  • How to use selective focus to make your photos more creative
  • How composition can make your images look like the pro's
  • Should you shoot Raw or Jpeg

Whether you want to photograph family holiday events or the kids at the soccer game, you can make better photographs if you understand your camera better. Some people learn by reading the manual, but if you are like most people you learn better hands on. Bring your camera to class so you will finally "get it"!

  • The class includes a 27 page, Full Color, Seminar Workshop workbook that you can download and print or simply view on your computer or I-Pad. It is full of great information and plenty of space for you to take notes at the Seminar. After you register, you will be ask to take a quick survey where you can ask specific questions you want answered at the seminar. After the survey you will be sent a link were you can download the workbook, print it and bring it to the seminar. This is a $29 value!
  • You can watch a movie that will help you find all the buttons on your camera and what they do!
  • The Class is only $129 (Today’s Special $39) (this included the workbook and Free online movie.)


For more information contact us at 979-272-5555 or email dougbox@aol.com