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Doug Box - Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsmen, Certified Professional Photographer.

My teaching experience began teaching amateurs thru community education in the early 80’s. I taught my first seminar to professional photographers in November of 1985. That is when the concept of Texas Photographic Workshops began. Since then I have taught in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, China and on 6 cruise ships. Besides state, regional and local seminars I have presented programs at 15 national conventions including Professional Photographers of America, Canada, Mexico and Wedding Portrait Photographers International. There are 20 different Pro Photography schools in the PPA network, I have taught at 18 of them, most several times.
I have six books published on photography, Professional Secrets for Photographing Children. Professional Secrets of Wedding Photography and Professional Secrets for Natural Light Portrait Photography, Available Light Photography, Posing for Portrait Photographer, and Flash Photography.
So why am I teaching you? Good question. There are several reasons:
One - I teach all over the world, teaching here I have all of my own equipment, I am charge of models and schedules. Many of the seminars are over weekends, most week-long schools are Sunday to Thursday. Because no time is wasted, I can teach you the same information in just a few days. It is also more convenient for my students.
Two - There is a great opportunity. With digital photography and the changing economy, the number of people who want to learn photography is increasing. Someone needs to teach you, why not me?
Three - I love photography and have for 40 years! I want to teach you.