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Start Your Own Photography Business
It is Like Having A Pro by Your Side

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Home Business Can Be A Great Lifestyle
With a home based photography business:
• you can work when you want to,
• you can be open when you want
• make extra money
• work in your spare time
• be you own boss
• all of this irregardless of your age, gender or race. But you must have the right tools and not just a camera.
We will give you the tools necessary to run a successful Home Based Photography business from what equipment you will need to get started, how to get business, sales techniques, posing, lighting and studio techniques.
Plenty of time for questions and answers!
•Studio Lighting - with camera room setups and in home setups
•Outdoor photography - with scrims-reflectors and Black Flats,
•Off Camera Flash - indoors and out doors
•PhotoShop for the studio, simple, fast, for making money,
•The Business of Photography - including marketing, selling, running a business
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