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The Basics of Sports Photography
It is Like Having A Pro by Your Side

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You can learn to take great sports photos like the pros. Your instructor has been capturing all kinds of sports photography for almost 20 years. You will see the behind the scenes "Photos Formulas" to make sure you can create sports photography for:
Football during the day
Football at night
Baseball during the day
Baseball at night
Cutting Horse
and more!

You will learn how to:

• Using Stop Action and Slow Shutter Speed in you sports photography
• Shooting in Low Light conditions and really bright conditions
• How to use Depth of Field in all the different types of sports photography
• Learn which camera Mode is best for each type of sport photography
• Learn to use the lenses you already own and which lenses to buy (or rent)
• We will attend an actual sports event to "Seal the Deal"
• This course is for everyone, enthusiast or pro
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