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Texas Photographic Workshops is for you. Join veteran photographer and teacher Doug Box for a learning experience of a lifetime.

You will learn:
1. To make beautiful photographs
2. Impress your family and friends
3. Learn to make extra money
4. Express your creative self
5. And have fun!

Texas Longhorn
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Our classes are small, and fill up very quickly.
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Getting the Most from your Digital Camera

If you learn the basics of how your camera works along with some secrets that the pros know, your experience with photography can be more fun and rewarding.

Doug Box and Randy Kerr are leading professional instructors that have invented simple methods to make sure you understand your camera. This is an exceptional value and an educational experience of a lifetime for beginning and intermediate photographers. You will love this innovative teaching experience that takes the mystery out of photography.

Part Photography School • Part Summer Camp!

See our modern, 3,000 square foot teaching facility, nestled on the 110 acre 3-B Photography Ranch in Central Texas!

Photographic Studio
Teaching Facility