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July Flash Class Added

July Flash Class Added

If you have been waiting for a basic flash class, now is the time! We will be running this class monthly, so if this schedule won’t work for you, there will be another time soon. This is a hands on class, so you will bring your camera and flash and see exactly how to use your flash and your camera to get the results you want. This class will show you how to master your flash on camera to give you the look you want and easy and inexpensive ways to start Off Camera Flash! This class is limited to 8 people so you can get the personal attention you need to take your flash to the next level.

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7 Tips to Get Better Flash Photos - An Intro to Flash!

Saturday, Jul 22, 2017

1:30pm - 4:30am

7 Tips to Get Better Flash Photos – An Intro to Flash!

Finally understand your On-Camera flash. Do you hate that flashy look? Are you every confused about when to use flash? Would you like to learn to turn your flash down so it is not so bright? What attachment do you need and which ones are a waste of money. Would you like an intro to Off Camera Flash with out having to buy a lot of extra stuff?

Photography Business

Class Overview

Using a speed-light successfully in inside and outside separates the Happy Accident from the accomplished photographer. You will learn how to add flash to natural light. You will learn the effects of different lighting environments and when to use automatic or manual flash. How to achieve studio quality lighting by simply bouncing your flash in ways you might not have thought possible to achieve correct exposure. With a speed-light, you can control your subjects lighting in any environment using Doug’ innovative tips and methods.

Lesson Breakdown

You’ll learn about each of your flash’s settings: manual, TTL, direct, bounce, off-camera, and more. You’ll explore the relationship between your camera and your flash, so you can move away from shooting in auto mode

Speedlight Basics

Learn to evaluate the available light and how to add just the right amount of flash.

Demystify how speed-lights work so you can buy the best flash for your needs and use its features and settings most effectively.

Light Modifiers & Bounce Flash – learn professional techniques to use bounce and fill techniques

Fill Light – Learn when and how to use your flash to fill in when there is back light.

You will get an intro into using a flash meter.

Maximum Class size is 8 students.

Event Location

Texas Photography Museum, 2504 County Rd 235
Caldwell, TX, 77836

Event Fees

$ 69.00