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Private Tutoring

Our private tutoring is for photo-enthusiasts of all ages, skill levels, and camera-types who want to expand on their photography skills with individualized instruction.

Private and Semi Private Photography lessons are best for individuals who learn best with hands-on instruction outside the classroom environment. Whether you’re looking to overcome a creative roadblock, or just needing a kick-start on the basics – our private lessons are customized to your interests and taught at your speed.

Everyone learns differently, some people enjoy books, some dvd’s or YouTube, but most people will finally “Get It” with one on one instruction. If this sounds like you, schedule your first Private Lesson ASAP!

Understanding your Camera, Flash & Other Equipment

Today’s digital camera is very sophisticated and can do almost anything. But along with this advanced technology comes confusion! If you learn the basics of how your camera works along with some secrets that the pros know, your experience with photography can be for fun and rewarding.

This opportunity is for anyone, no matter what level you are with your camera or what kind of camera you have! (even if you only have a simple point and shoot camera)

You will learn “What All The Buttons Do” and how to become comfortable with your camera.

  • Unlock the mysteries of shutter speed, f stop and ISO
  • How to control exposure
  • When and how to use your flash
  • When to use AV, TV, program or manual
  • How to take better indoor photographs
  • How to make great sports and action photos
  • How to control sharpness in your images
  • Which Lens for the proper perspective
  • Developing the artist instinct
  • What to do with your images after you capture them
  • How to use selective focus to make your photos more creative
  • How composition can make your images look like the pro’s
  • Should you shoot Raw or Jpeg
Learn Equipment Photo
Photography Business

Starting or Building a Photography Business

I will teach you how to market, advertise, and sell your photographic products. We can set up a yearly marketing plan to give you control of your business.

You can learn how to price, promote, and merchandize your photography. I can show you how to set up your studio and your workflow for maximum efficiency. I can personally
review your portfolio, marketing pieces, studio design, and decor. I can work with you to increase your knowledge on posing, lighting, and even outdoor photography.

With your goals, we can build your business plan
and help you balance your studio and life. You can receive several quick start marketing campaigns to get business now!

We can work on building your relationships in your area and building your confidence in yourself and your photography. I can give you advice on equipment and services so you don’t waste any more money.

Understanding Photoshop and Post Production

Learn how to download your images, crop and correcting exposure your images. Whether you have PhotoShop or Photoshop Elements you will learn how much you can do with these powerful programs. Learn how to correct color, change contrast and saturation, make corrections to your photographs. You will learn how to print your images, create books and cards.

Post Production