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Doug's easy-going, sincere, FUN personality is what has made me become one of his "repeat students"! I have taken several classes, several times from Doug over the years and the one thing I can say about him is; he REALLY cares that we as business owners, succeed! His passion to help and see people succeed in business is what comes through when he teaches a class or speaks at an event. Actually I could write a book with what I have learned from Doug, because I have learned so much! The main thing that has improved my business is just that--learning the business of photography, not just how to take a picture!

Doug's business and marketing class's have taught me how to make more money--yay! My income more than tripled, my third year in business! When I began to make more money, I began to have more FUN with my business! I highly recommend taking a class or two from Doug Box. His sensitivity, knowledge and experience in the business really helped to shape my ideas and get my business off the ground. Thanks Doug!

As a public speaker, I tend to pay more attention to the teaching style of my instructors rather than the content of what they are sharing. when I took Doug's class at
Texas School 2004, I found myself so captivated - I realized I hadn't been paying attention to his speaking style or his rhythm. All the elements of a wonderful speaker were there.
His pace was quick enough that I never felt sleepy... and detailed enough that I felt I was learning much. His lectures are woven with personal experiences and anecdotes that make
listening and learning effortless and entertaining. I really enjoyed the course, and have since become a better photographer and a more effective public speaker to boot!

Gia Guidry - Kingwood, TX

Doug's ability to explain things in simple terms. I also appreciate you giving us options we could do with the equipment we have. I loved the exceptional time given to each student. I got great marketing that directly relates to my business. The Lighting information was great. Especially the way each light works, on at a time.

Celeste Suttle

Dear Doug, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to you. Before I came to work with you I was really on the verge of giving up. You have given me a wonderful place to work, but also advice, instruction, confidence, and friendship. I don't think you will ever know the scope of all you have done for me. Please know that I appreciate all you have done for me and I will remember that you took me under your wing always. This has been the best experience of my life and so much more. I will appreciate it always.

Emily Potts, Oklahoma

Doug, I am so thankful that I chose your class at Image Explorations. Before attending I had so little knowledge of the marketing of my photography. I now know where I'm headed with my photography and how to market it. I couldn't wait to get to class each day so I could learn from you. You made the class fun and taught in a way that all the information that you presented could be used in such a practical way. I really enjoy your two books Natural Light Photography and Photographing Children. They are so well written along with the diagrams. They are an excellent learning tool. My goal is to leave the teaching profession in two years and fulfill my dream of having my own studio. I'm very fortunate to have a very supportive wife who encourages me to do this. Your class was worth a million.

Gary Mulcrone, Canada

Dear Doug, I cannot thank you enough for what you have taught me this past month. You have changed my whole way of thinking about photography. I am so excited to finally be able to buy your marketing system and put it to use. I know things are finally going to be looking up for my business and me. I hope you are doing well and have to tell you that I feel very honored to have met you and taken your class. I look forward to meeting you again next year to let you know how well I am doing. Thank you so much!

Mandlela P.

Doug Box Seminar: Having just turned 55, I expect to retire late spring after 32 years with Kodak. Then I plan to ramp up my photography business. This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Doug's passion, emotion, knowledge and humor makes this an experience not to miss. Through his own trial and error and methodical testing and research he has developed a path to success. He will share his wisdom and proven results in every detail. Doug is a business man who happens to sell photography. He also happens to be a great photographer! Tired of giving your talent and work away? Don't know how to get what you're worth? He will show you the way to improved financial success! This IS a FUN, Educational, results driven event! You will leave energized and full of new ideas that will improve your business.

Greg Darrow - Images8Photography

The yearly PPSNYS workshop at Hobart College in New York was outstanding . . . once again. We had the pleasure of being in Doug Box's "Portrait and Wedding Techniques" class. He gave us solid marketing advice as well as some inspiring thoughts from very personal experiences. And he was very dynamic and entertaining! It was enlightening to watch him photograph babies, children, a couple and families. We can't say enough about his energy. It's not surprising that he will be returning next year.

If you're thinking about taking his course, we'd be happy to give you more details.

Janice  Tobolski, Catchlight Images - East Aurora, NY

Janice and I spent a memorable week with Doug Box, a very dynamic and entertaining speaker.   Everything he taught us came at just the right time:   His lessons on finding and using beautiful natural light was, by itself, worth the price of admission. Doug demonstrated studio lighting techniques using just one or two lights to create great portraits, which was ideal for us, since we do all our photography on location.

He love his fill-flash techniques which never give the harsh appearance of overdone flash. Doug also covered methods for using ambient light as the fill light with the flash as the main light.

One of Doug's strengths is teaching professionals how to become profitable.

Marketing was emphasized with ideas such as keeping in touch with clients with a monthly newsletter.   Since these are the people who like you and your work well enough to invest in your portraits, it makes great sense to keep in touch with them.   It's much harder finding new clients than it is to encourage clients to return to you.

Doug was adamant about selling benefits instead of features.

Joe Tobolski
East Aurora, NY

New York School Hobart College

Doug really gave us clear instruction about finding the light and the placing the subject. It was especially good that he had each class member find the light and pose someone. The marketing plan was clearly laid out with methods to implement changes to the way we've been doing it.

Sue Burnett

I would just like to say that you are an amazing teacher who makes class fun. Everyone has a good time while they learn very valuable tips and techniques that help improve thier photography to the next level.

As far as your marketing materials they have been an invaluable resource to me. If it wasn't for this material there is no way that I would have been able to put together a brochure as professional looking as I have. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Heather Sara

Doug, Different people learn in different ways. Some are "theoretical" learners - they get a training manual or instruction book, and read it from cover to cover before ever trying out any of the information they have gleaned. In a way I envy them. However I am a "practical" learner. When I taught myself to program in the C programming language, I had my hands on the computer with the very first page, where I was taught how to make the computer display "Hello world" on its screen.

Not all authors of books of instruction understand this difference, and, as a result, their texts tend to favor one style over another. We should also recognize that not every author is as expert in the field about which he or she writes, so much as a "legend in his own mind".

I have been a professional portrait photographer for over 50 years. In that time I have learned a fair amount about making portraits in a variety of lighting conditions. You might wonder why I would buy a book like "NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY" by Doug Box. Part of the reason lies in the genes. My mother, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday has been a professional portrait painter for over 80 of those years -- and she still attends classes on painting. We are never too old, or too knowledgeable, not to be able to learn something new.

So, knowing that Doug Box has earned his Master of Photgraphy and Craftsman's degrees from the Professional Photographers of America, and that he has been a featured speaker at conventions (where I first met him), seminars, and professional photography one-week "schools", I had little fear regarding his expertise. My trust was well placed.

Although I have actually succeeded in reading the entire book (118 pages of lavishly illustrated text), I have also been able to implement items from the text on an almost page by page basis. Not just a book about "seeing" or "using" the light, but a book that includes instruction about posing, selecting locations, choosing the most appropriate lens, and how to manage exposure with natural light and added flash. I have already built myself a "light finder" (pages 13-14), and made two portraits using techniques learned from the book.

I speak here as a professional photographer, and give the book highest marks for the professional user. Quite simply, if you are a professional photographer and you make portraits, you need this book. However the serious amateur can also benefit from its contents. The amateur may not wish to bother with the "light finder" tool, and off camera flash triggered by a radio controlled signal may be a bit out of budget, but the underlying instructions apply to anyone with a camera who fancies pointing it at people. Buy it, you won't regret it!

Dave Birley, Rock Hill, SC

Doug Box's classes are the perfect mix between hands-on shooting technique and instruction, and business & marketing. Where you'll not only learn how to render great portraits, you'll leave with the ability to then go out and successfully market those portraits by drawing clients in and growing your business, as well. His teaching style is very clear, comprehensive, and easily understood. But most of all, his classes are just plain fun! He's a very engaging speaker that will keep you interested, laughing, and learning all at once. Take Doug Box's class - you'll be glad you did!

Val Condon
Houston, TX

Doug, I appreciate the extra time you spent with us in the mornings before and after the course actually ended. Everything we ask for, we got. You didn't hold back any information. You never said, "We'll cover that in another course". I liked the way you taught seeing the light. I especially liked environmental shots – you did a good job of teaching and showing how to set up those shots.

Mary Beth Touchstone
Houston, TX

Doug, I really enjoyed he program just as you had it laid out. The amount of material and timing was just about right. I particularly liked your marketing techniques. I'm looking forward to hearing your CD's with the binder. I feel like your presentation of “Off Camera Flash” was very understandable. I can't wait to try it out on my own. You did a great job of mixing teaching with humor. I appreciate free and easy you were answering our questions.   One thing I really didn't expect was making such good friends with other classmates. You have created a great learning environment. Your location does help us stay focused on photography. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I felt like I learned a great deal.

Marianne Law
Portland Oregon

I would highly recommend Doug's teaching. His clear, concise and casual style offers easily learned lessons, which stick with you long after the course is over. I found asking questions not only easy, but a great learning tool, as Doug sat down right in the moment to answer fully. Not only did he give me the answer, but really helped me "get it straight" permanently by showing me an example in real life right away.

Doug's great sense of humor makes learning fun. I've learned much from him and have used many of the forms I bought from his cd in various ways, all of which helped me increase profits substantially, and helped me organize myself better.

Thanks Doug! 🙂

Doug, I Just wanted you to know that I have been implementing some of the pearls of wisdom you imparted during the West Coast School class in January.

Your advise to say the price and shut up is working!. Just the other day I wrote up an order of nothing but 5 x 7s that totaled $900 before tax. The client was ordering a number of duplicate copies, as many as 12 of one pose. I just calculated the number she ordered times the price for 1 5 x7 and then shut up.

She thought for a few minutes and she was the first one to speak. She said she knew by my reputation that it would be expensive but she decided it was worth it and did argue or
ask for muli-print discount. She just wrote me a check in full!

Before your advise I would have bid against myself by telling her that we would give her a discount because she was purchasing so many. I enjoy receiving your newsletter. Keep up the good work. By the way, I am still interested in your new book and would like to be the first on my block to own it. Please let me know when it will be available.

Thanks again,
Tom Humphrey

Doug’s class is a must in this business. His marketing materials are essential to have.
Applying them has helped my business through the slow times and made the busy times
that much better! He has invaluable marketing experience and we are fortunate that he is
willing to share. He’s fun, upbeat and has a down to earth approach to teaching both the
art and business of photography.

Thanks for your inspiration!

Mary Barnett (House)
Friday, April 28,  Texas School of Professional Photography

He is GREAT! An incredible man with multiple talent and skills that emotionally connects to his students and leaves them wanting more.

Deloroes Hobbs, Idaho

Doug takes time to be sure each person understands the concept before moving on. He is a superb professional, who moves you into a whole new realm of realism about your desire or passion about photography. This simply is the Best Marketing and Photography seminar I have attended.

Doug's program should be mandatory for everyone who is seriously considering a career in photography. Excellent teacher of business skills and marketing. Very good at reaching each individual on a personal level with photography, lighting and posing.

Doug is a superior teacher and person. He works hard to give you everything he can to make his seminars the best they can be. I can testify to you that he will not short change you on what he gives. He is fearless and phenomenal. One of the Best.

Doug Box works one on one, encouraging you to set policies and goals to take control of yourself and your business.

His teaching techniques are remarkable refreshing and simple to understand, he helps everyone in his classes understand how to see the light, and focus on what it takes to have a successful businesses by setting goals and working with clients, once they have them.

If you really want to learn correctly from the beginning of your career and get it right from the start, then Mr. Box's Seminar's and "Natural Light Lessons, in Photography and "Posing" are the most important coaching you could receive from any affiliated school or teacher, anywhere. Period...

"Clairvoyant, Yes. Salesman, absolutely! Photographer - Do I need to answer that", after attending two seminars taught by Master Photographer. Doug Box, I can truly attest that he is America's best instructor and educator in Photography, Marketing and Posing.